Three-Phase Control Systems Trainer
The Three-Phase Control Systems Trainer is a rugged, self-contained hardware unit that enables students to investigate practically and safely the generation of a Three Phase supply and operation of a Motor and Inverter. The self-contained unit also incorporates three supply transformers.

The study module is designed to introduce students to the principles of AC power, three-phase AC circuits, and AC motors, including synchronous machines, through a wide range of practical activities. All on-board voltages are kept to a level that ensures the trainer can be used in a completely safe environment. The Motor can be configured to operate as both a single phase and a Three phase AC Motor system to allow students to demonstrate the difference.

Digital lessons accompany the trainer and can be used to cover the topics of Three phase distribution and operation of AC motors.

Training Concepts:
  • AC Motor Principles & 3-Phase Synchronous Motor
  • Single-Phase Synchronous Motor
  • The 3-Phase Supply
  • AC Inverters
  • 6-Wire, 3-Wire and 4-Wire Connections
  • Delta and Wye Combination Connections
  • Power Factor Correction
  • Other AC Motors
  • 3-Phase Rectifiers
  • 3-Phase Over-Current Protection

Trainer includes:
  • Trainer
  • Connection Lead Set
  • Storage Case
  • Curriculum in Digital Format
Other Items Required:
  • Digital Multimeter
  • Dual Trace Oscilloscope
Product: Three-Phase Control Systems Trainer
Product Code: 325-17

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