Engineering Learning Cloud
Engineering licence offers material on almost every topic of Electrical or Mechanical Engineering. Lessons are designed to offer workplace skills and underpinning knowledge. The package also includes academic lessons essential for engineering training.

Engineering topic headings include:

  • Materials Engineering
  • Engineering Drawing
  • Fluid Power
  • Mechanical Systems
  • Manufacturing including CNC
  • Machine and Instrument Engineering
  • Inspection and QM
  • Industrial Controls
  • Electrical and Electronics
In addition to technical skills development, essential support is provided with lessons in:
  • Mathematics
  • English Language Skills
  • Engineering Science
  • Business Skills
  • Workplace Problem Solving
The range of content provided will allow each topic area to be supported with amazing and captivating resources. The multi-mode nature of the content provides the following types of learning materials:
  • Multimedia Presentations – filled with animations, narrations and much more to allow for both whole-class teaching and individual study.
  • Virtual Lab Investigations – engaging investigations to help develop skills and knowledge using physical hardware and/or Virtual Trainers.
  • Hands-On Lab Activities – hands-on activities linked to the theoretical resources to allow users to develop practical skills.
  • Topic Assessments – a range of assessment mechanisms to test student comprehension which can be monitored with the inbuilt learning management system.
  • Academic and Technical Support Tasks – helpful background technical knowledge and academic support for Maths, English and Technical Tasks.
The Learning Cloud can be used by itself, or combined with many of our related equipment items, to give students access to even more hands-on activities too!

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Product: Engineering Learning Cloud
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