Industrial Process Automation Compact Station Trainer
Professional Automatic Control of Pressure, Temperature, Level and Flow-rates

Professional automatic control of pressure, temperature, volumes and flow-rates. The compact station with 4 integrated controlled systems is the optimum solution for typical production processes in the most varied of industries. The system’s modularity permits various configurations to be implemented in the safety of the laboratory environment.
Training Concepts:
  • Design, wiring and commissioning of a process engineering plant
  • Selection, deployment and connection of different sensors
  • Measurement of electrical and process-control variables like liquid level, flow-rate, pressure and temperature
  • Deployment and connection of transducers
  • Design, assembly and commissioning of control loops
  • Analysis of controlled systems and control loops
  • Putting continuous and discontinuous controllers into operation
  • Setting parameters and optimising P-action, PI-action and PID-action controllers
  • Design of open-loop and closed-loop programmes
  • Operating and monitoring processes
  • Inspection, maintenance and repair
  • Networking process engineering systems
Product: Industrial Process Automation Compact Station Trainer
Product Code: IPA 1

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