IMS Painting Parts Substation Trainer
Painting Parts

There is a workpiece carrier with a completely assembled car on the conveyor belt. The workpiece carrier is positioned in the painting station. The gates to the painting station are closed. During the painting process the suction system must be activated. The painting process starts and this is displayed by LED strips. After the painting process has been completed the gates are opened and the workpiece carrier loaded with the painted car proceeds to the end of the conveyor belt where it is to be taken by the next subsystem.
Training Concepts:

DC Transport System:
  • Setting up a TIA project
  • Experiment: Inching operation
  • Experiment: Inching operation with shut-off at end limit
  • Experiment with return movement
  • PWM signals
  • Experiment: Control featuring various speeds
  • Position tracing
  • Speed control

Painting Parts Substation:
  • Interface assignments
  • Control
Product: IMS Painting Parts Substation Trainer
Product Code: IMS 16

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