IMS Handling Parts Substation Trainer
Handling Parts

A carrier with a fully assembled and tested workpiece is located on the conveyor belt. A handling station is located above the middle of the conveyor belt. The carrier is stopped at the removal position. The handling module lifts up the workpiece and transfers it to one of two possible positions. The empty carrier is conveyed to the end of the belt to be passed on to the next subsystem.
Training Concepts:

DC Transport System:
  • Setting up a TIA project
  • Experiment: Inching operation
  • Experiment: Inching operation with shut-off at end limit
  • Experiment with return movement
  • PWM signals
  • Experiment: Control featuring various speeds
  • Position tracing
  • Speed control

Handling Parts Substation:
  • Interface assignments
  • Control
Product: IMS Handling Parts Substation Trainer
Product Code: IMS 7

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