PLC Universal Application Simulator Trainer
The PLC universal process system simulator has been designed especially for basic training in PLC technology. It is extremely well suited to graphic depiction and hands-on exploration of open-loop and closed-loop processes as found in industrial applications. By adding overlay masks, up to 24 different technical processes and models can be simulated. The projects are designed to precisely reflect official syllabuses.
Training Concepts:

  • Roadworks traffic lights
  • Star-delta starting
  • Dahlander circuit
  • Starter control
  • Monitoring facility
  • Container filling system
  • Sluice gate control
  • Transfer platform
  • Buffer storage
  • Filling controlled system
  • Mixing plant
  • Compressed air network

  • Cleaning tank
  • Oven door control
  • Bending tool
  • Automatic stamping press
  • Drilling device
  • Selective band dividing filter
  • Pipe bending system
  • Door control
  • Pump control 1
  • Pump control 2
  • Reaction vessel
  • Pill filling machine
Product: PLC Universal Application Simulator Trainer
Product Code: CLC 34

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