PLC Touch Panel Models
The touch panel models are conceived in such a way that all the fundamental functions used in PLC programming are included. A self-learning course guides students though programming of data blocks, status and sequence programming and on to design of closed-loop controllers. The models are displayed in the form of an animation on the touch panel and controlled via the digital I/O of the connected PLC system. As with real models, programmers can view signals from sensors which are needed for further processing in the sequence.

Training Concepts:
  • Programming via TIA Portal
  • Programming and monitoring on screen. Alternative software solutions require separate screens
  • Introduction to programming using TIA Portal standards and animated models

  • Transporter crane
  • Roadworks traffic lights
  • Container filling plant
  • Conveyor belt
  • 3-storey lift
  • Star-delta starter
  • Double 7-segment display
  • Room temperature control
Product: PLC Touch Panel Models
Product Code: CLC 37

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