Industrial Bus Systems
It is vital to know about the most important industrial bus systems. With this compact set, you can learn about project planning for three different bus systems and how they are used. You will start with direct communication via the I/O of a PLC system. A conveyor belt will then be connected to an AS-i bus to provide an introduction to bus systems in general. The bus system which is most widely used in industry, PROFIBUS, is dealt with second, while the concluding section is formed by a conveyor belt control system implemented in PROFINET. This means that a single system is controlled via four different means of communication.
Training Concepts:
  • Fundamentals of TIA Portal
  • Programming of a conveyor using I/O
  • Fundamentals of an AS-i bus
  • Programming of a conveyor using AS-i
  • Fundamentals of PROFIBUS
  • Programming of a conveyor using PROFIBUS
  • Fundamentals of PROFINET
  • Programming of a conveyor using PROFINET
Product: Industrial Bus Systems
Product Code: CBS 2

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