Coupled Two-tank System Control Trainer
Measurement and control of fill levels and flow rates make up a large part of process engineering. This training system allows you to implement a wide range of different applications, starting with a simple level controlled system and extending up to a complex coupled tank system. Apart from determination of fill levels, it is also possible to measure flow rates.
Training Concepts:

IAC 32 – Coupled Two-tank System Control
  • Automatic level control using two-position controller
  • Automatic level control using PID controller
  • Recording of control system parameters
  • Determination of controller parameters
  • Effect of disturbances on the control system
  • Closed-loop control of a coupled two-tank system

IAC 42 – Coupled Two-tank System Control using Matlab
  • Creation of a hardware-in-the-loop system under realtime conditions
  • Modelling and designing a control system
  • Simulation and optimisation of control system using a model
  • Comparison between model and real control system
  • Expansion of control system to make a multiple-variable controller with independent control of levels in both tanks
Product: Coupled Two-tank System Control Trainer
Product Code: IAC 32 / IAC 42 (Matlab)

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