Closed-loop Position & Angle (Inverted Pendulum) Control Trainer
The ever increasing degree of automation affecting processes in all areas of industry necessitates a variety of control strategies and algorithms. The training system on positioning and angular controlled systems contains a broad spectrum of training material designed for the vivid and engaging teaching of everything from classic automatic positioning control with standard controllers all the way to model-based multivariable control in state space. A unique challenge is posed by oscillating and balancing a pendulum rod (inverted pendulum) that is pivot-mounted on a carriage that is subject to purely horizontal acceleration. The principle can also be applied to the automatic control of the Segway PT.
Training Concepts:

IAC 33 – Closed-loop Position & Angle (Inverted Pendulum) Control Trainer
  • Control system analysis
  • Position control of a dynamic system with integral behaviour
  • Angle control with standard controllers
  • Multi-variable control in cascaded control loop
  • Control of the inverted pendulum with combined standard controllers
  • Application of various optimization strategies

IAC 43 – Closed-loop Position & Angle (Inverted Pendulum) Control Trainer using Matlab
  • Model development for the simulation in Matlab Simulink
  • Classical control of position and angle with standard controllers
  • Development of a model-based control in real time
  • State space control of the inverted pendulum as a multi-variable system
  • Realisation of a swing-up controller for the pendulum system
  • Implementation of practical applications, Segway PT and container bridge
Product: Closed-loop Position & Angle (Inverted Pendulum) Control Trainer
Product Code: IAC 33 / IAC 43 (Matlab)

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