Air-Temperature System Automatic Control Trainer
In many areas, the automatic control of temperature represents a classic example of closed-loop control for systems with long time constants. In addition to pure temperature control, it is also possible to take into account the flow rate of air as a second variable. The controlled system is designed in such a way that the time constant is as short as possible, thereby reducing the time it takes to make the measurements and enabling effective operation.
Training Concepts:

IAC 31 – Air-Temperature System Automatic Control
  • Operation using two-position and three-position controllers
  • Automatic temperature control using PID controllers
  • Recording of controlled system parameters
  • Determination of controller parameters
  • Effect of disturbances on the control system

IAC 41 – Air-Temperature System Automatic Control using Matlab
  • Creation of a hardware-in-the-loop system under realtime conditions
  • Modelling and designing an automatic control system
  • Simulation and optimisation of automatic control system using a model
  • Comparison between model and real control system
  • Expansion of control system to make a multiple-variable controller with independent control of temperature and air flow
Product: Air-Temperature System Automatic Control Trainer
Product Code: IAC 31 / IAC 41 (Matlab)

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