Variable-Speed Permanent-Magnet Servo Drives Training Bench
Variable-Speed Permanent-Magnet Servo Drives

Synchronous servo motors are now used in many modern drives. In addition to dynamic response, energy efficiency is also playing a major role. The training system permits in-depth investigations of existing control loop concepts thanks to the open programming feature Matlab/Simulink and permits new approaches to be safely tested. For instance, the system can be used to create drives typically employed in industry and the automotive sector.

Power Classes Available: 300 W and 1 kW
Training Concepts:
  • Creation of a HIL system under real-time conditions
  • Modelling and design of an automatic servo control on a continuous design level
  • Discretisation of a closed-loop control for operation on a DSP
  • Creation and optimization of current and speed controllers
  • Park and Clarke transformation
  • Integration of space-vector modulation for optimal control of IGBTs
  • Decoupling of field-oriented currents and voltages
  • Speed and position detection via an incremental encoder
  • Comparison of simulation results with real measurements
Product: Variable-Speed Permanent-Magnet Servo Drives Training Bench
Product Code: EPE 52

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