Small Wind Power Plants Trainer
Small wind power plants with outputs ranging up to 5 kW are deployed today for decentralized electricity supply. These plants generate direct voltages. The energy can be stored in batteries via charge controllers. Inverters produce alternating voltages to supply electrical consumers in the grid. The effects of wind power and the mechanical design of wind power plants can be emulated down to the last detail using the servo machine test stand and the ”WindSim software“.
Training Concepts:
  • Understanding the design and operation of small, modern wind power plants
  • Exploring physical fundamentals from ”wind to shaft“
  • Learning about different wind power plant concepts
  • Setting up and operating a small wind power generator
  • System optimisation
  • Operation at varying wind forces in storage mode
  • Energy storage
  • Setting up an off-grid system for generating 230-V alternating voltage
  • Investigating hybrid systems for autonomous power supply using wind power and photovoltaic systems
Product: Small Wind Power Plants Trainer
Product Code: EWG 2

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