Residential PV System with Storage Trainer (Hybrid Inverter Parallel to Grid Operation Mode)
Smart interaction between photovoltaic system, battery storage and electric vehicle is playing an increasingly important role in optimising a building's own regenerative solar energy demand to counteract limited energy supply. A smart wallbox is used to charge the electric car from the building's own photovoltaic system or inexpensively from the energy grid via the smart, digital bi-directional meter. A grid isolation device enables the use of hybrid photovoltaic inverters and battery storage to continue supplying electricity during an energy grid outage. The training system makes it possible to set up and configure a practice-oriented residentiual hybrid photovoltaic system with battery storage and grid isolation device. It can be expanded to include a wallbox, digital bi-directional meter and smart home control system.

Note: This Training System is a Basic Equipment Set.

Supplementary Equipment Sets:
Training Concepts:
  • PV system installation
  • Set-up and testing of a PV system with grid feed-in and emergency power socket
  • Measurement of energy generated by a PV system
  • Maximum Power Point (MPP) tracking
  • Determining the efficiency of the grid inverter
  • Control operating response of the grid inverter
  • Recording yield data using the solar emulator
  • Investigating the response of the PV system to a grid outage
  • Investigating the provision of emergency power via dedicated emergency power socket
  • Lightning protection of photovoltaic systems
  • Dimensioning and economic efficiency of photovoltaic systems
Product: Residential PV System with Storage Trainer (Hybrid Inverter Parallel to Grid Operation Mode)
Product Code: ESE 1.2

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