Microgrid with PV and Small Wind Turbine Trainer
The training system permits a realistic set-up of a hybrid photovoltaic system using industrial components. The faultprotected terminals and safety connections help provide a safe environment for operating the system. Complicated energy flows within the hybrid system are visualised graphically and evaluated with the aid of SCADA. Off-grid, grid-connected and uninterruptible power supply (UPS) operating modes can be simulated using the compact training system. The experiments are performed in the lab using a solar field emulation. That means reproducible experiment results are obtained even without any sunlight.
Training Concepts:
  • Installation of photovoltaic hybrid systems with small wind turbine system
  • Design and test of a microgrid comprised of photovoltaic hybrid system and small wind turbine system
  • Parameters for charging controller
  • Energy flow study with simulation of the course of the sun and wind profile emulation
Product: Microgrid with PV and Small Wind Turbine Trainer
Product Code: EPH 4.2

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