Refrigeration Desktop Training System
The Refrigeration desktop training systems is designed to provide students with fundamentals and advance training program in basic and industrial refrigeration. The training system introduces various systems and real components.

The training system brings a comprehensive view of the entire refrigeration system.

Actual components and their interconnection, functions, operation, diagnosis and repair methods under hands-on safe activities are part of the training program and students can perform tests, take measurements, and troubleshoot each system.

Available Refrigeration Desktop Training Systems:
Training Concepts:

Basic Refrigeration:
  • Introduction to cooling and refrigeration
  • Principles of cooling
  • Basic cooling cycle
  • Operating the main system
  • Hermetic type compressor
  • Materials and circuits of the control system
  • Materials and circuits of the electrical system
  • Structure and operation of the system
  • Adjustment of the thermostatic valve
  • Evaporation techniques
  • Relaxation devices
  • Control methods
  • System response
  • Thermal loads
  • Maintenance methods
  • Techniques for the diagnosis and repair of faults and faults simulation

Industrial Refrigeration:
  • Introduction to industrial refrigeration
  • Principles of operation and materials
  • Principles of cooling
  • Relaxation devices
  • System response
  • Modes of operation of the system
  • Heat flow through the parts of the system
  • Parallel and series connection of evaporators, defrosting components
  • Filling techniques with cooling gas (refrigerant)
  • Operation of the system and stabilization conditions
  • Fault diagnosis and repair with the use of a computer
  • Faults simulation and diagnosis procedure
Product: Refrigeration Desktop Training System
Product Code: DAR-3311 (Basic)/DAR-3312 (Professional)

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