Generator Protection
Effective protection of generators against internal and external faults requires that a wide variety of protective devices be deployed. The time overcurrent protection constitutes the reserve protection for the generator and can also be used for the detection of external faults, such as short circuits and overload, for example. Earth-fault occurrences are detected with the stator-earth fault protection. The investigation of reverse power and unbalanced load protection as well as overvoltage/undervoltage protection concludes the experiment series titled EGP on generator protection.

Note: This Training System is a Basic Equipment Set.

Supplementary Equipment Sets:
Training Concepts:

Time Overcurrent Protection
  • Operating response and release response for single-pole and three-pole faults
  • Determining the tripping times
Unbalanced Load Protection
  • Operating and release response to unbalanced load
  • Determining the reset ratio and the tripping times
  • Determining the relay characteristic TA = f(unbalance)
Reverse Power Protection
  • Synchronisation of the generator to the power grid
  • Detection and disabling of the generator in the case of reverse power flow

Overvoltage and Undervoltage Protection
  • Reactions to phase failure
  • Detection of starting and tripping times
Stator-earth Fault Protection
  • Detection of system voltages under normal operating conditions or stator-earth fault occurrence
  • Measurement of tripping times
  • Calculation of the earth-fault current
Product: Generator Protection
Product Code: EGP 1

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