Smart Grid – Energy Management
The topic of energy management includes switching off consumers to reduce peak loads as well as reactive load compensation for reducing losses along transmission lines. The asynchronous machine in the set can be dynamically loaded by means of the machine test stand in order to simulate variable changes in load over time on the entire mains grid. Such changes in load are recorded by the Smart Grid Control Centre so that suitable remedial action can be taken to keep the grid stable.
Training Concepts:

Complex loads, metering of electricity consumption and monitoring of peak load
  • Three-phase load in star and delta configurations (R, L, C, RL, RC or RLC load)
  • Measurements with active and reactive work meters
Dynamic loads
  • Dynamic three-phase loads (asynchronous motors)
  • Power measurement when energy is being fed in and fed out

Manual and automatic reactive power compensation
  • Putting asynchronous machines into operation and recording parameters
  • Manual reactive power compensation
  • Automatic reactive power compensation
Product: Smart Grid – Energy Management
Product Code: ESG 1.2

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