Smart Grid – Control Centre
This equipment set forms the core for a smart grid in a power generation lab. In addition to generation, transmission and distribution of energy, the SCADA software records all relevant values and handles the requisite switching operations. This can be done manually or automatically by means of a software PLC system.
Training Concepts:

Three-phase double busbar system
  • Basic circuits for a three-pole double busbar system
  • Three-phase double busbar systems with load
  • Busbar transfer without interrupting feed
  • Finding switching algorithms for various switching operations
  • Busbar coupling
Investigations on three-phase transmission lines
  • Voltage rises in unloaded transmission lines
  • Voltage drop as a function of line length
  • Voltage drop as a function of cos phi
  • Capacitive and inductive power losses in a transmission line as a function of voltage and current
  • Phase-shift along the line

Definite time overcurrent protection for lines
  • Rating and parameters for definite time overcurrent protection
  • Determine returning ratio (differential) for short circuits involving one, two or three poles
Product: Smart Grid – Control Centre
Product Code: ESG 1.1

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