Synchronous Motor/Generator Training System
Synchronous machines are primarily used as generators in power supply networks. Power levels in this area can reach up to around 2,000 MVA. Other additional areas of application are large-scale drives for cement mills and conveyor belt systems with power levels in the megawatt range. Highly dynamic servos with permanently excited rotors complete the spectrum of synchronous machines. In contrast to asynchronous machines, here the rotor operates in sync with the rotating magnetic field.

Power Classes Available: 0.3 & 1 kW

Other Available Training Resources:
Training Concepts:

Motor Operation:
  • Motor connection
  • Starting
  • Phase-shift operation
  • Load characteristics in motor operation
  • V characteristics
  • Stability limits
  • Under-excitation and over-excitation

Generator Operation:
  • Generator connection
  • Voltage adjustment via the exciter current
  • Load characteristics in generator operation
Product: Synchronous Motor/Generator Training System
Product Code: EEM 5.1

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