Mains Synchronisation Training System
In the case of mains synchronisation, the unloaded generator is switched to the mains. Voltage, frequency and phase angle have to coincide with the corresponding variables on the mains. Different measuring instruments are used to measure these variables. The variables are set by means of the generator speed and excitation.

Power Classes Available: 0.3 & 1 kW
Training Concepts:
  • Manual mains synchronisation with the aid of synchronising bright-method, dark-method and three-lamp synchronisation circuits
  • Mains synchronisation using two-range frequency, two-range voltmeter, synchronoscope and zero-voltage meter
  • Influence of the generator speed
  • Influence of generator excitation
  • Adjusting power flow by means of the drive
Product: Mains Synchronisation Training System
Product Code: EEM 5.2

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