Smooth Starting Three-phase Machines Training System
Smooth starters use phase-angle control to reduce the motor’s voltage during switch-on. The starting current drops proportionally to the terminal voltage. The power section of a smooth starter normally consists of two thyristors switched anti-parallel per phase. In order to be able to keep the power losses and the associated heat build-up as low as possible, the power semiconductors are shunted by a power circuit-breaker subsequent to the starting phase.

Power Classes Available: 0.3 & 1 kW
Training Concepts:
  • Putting the circuit into operation
  • Setting the parameters for run-up, run-down and starting voltage
  • Starting under different load scenarios
  • Examining the current and voltage levels during starting
  • Comparing star and delta start-up
Product: Smooth Starting Three-phase Machines Training System
Product Code: EDT 17

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