Positioning with Synchronous Servo Drives Training System
When people talk about servo drives today, they generally mean highly dynamic three-phase drives. Servo drives primarily perform positioning tasks in tooling machines, manipulators or robots. But these devices are increasingly finding their way into printing machines, conveyor belts and cutting machinery where precise positioning or angular synchronism are required. Here, servo converters, motors with sensor technology and mechanical transfer elements form an extremely integrated system whose components have to be seen as a single entity.

Power Classes Available: 0.3 kW
Training Concepts:
  • Computer-aided commissioning and parameterisation of a servo drive with linear axis
  • Positioning and sequence control
  • Referential travel function
  • Setting parameters of the position controller and speed controller using industrial-type parameter setting software
  • Investigating the effects of various controller settings
Product: Positioning with Synchronous Servo Drives Training System
Product Code: EDT 34

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