Frequency Converter Drives Training System
Modern frequency converters transform any given three-phase standard motor into a drive with variable speed. The robust nature and popularity of three-phase standard motors have made a significant contribution to the huge success that electronic drive technology with frequency converters enjoys. The higher demands placed on drives due to developments in process automation means that more and more motors are being controlled by frequency converters. Thanks to customised open-loop speed control, today pumps and air-conditioning units are able to save a substantial amount of energy.

Power Classes Available: 0.3 & 1 kW

Single and 3-phase Systems Available

Other Available Training Resources:
Training Concepts:
  • Computer-assisted set-up and operation
  • Parameterisation of setpoint variables, rotation direction, starting operation, operating frequency, limiting values, nominal voltage, nominal current, rated frequency, power factor etc.
  • Drive optimisation
  • Investigating the operating response under working machine loads
  • Recording the speed and torque characteristics across all four quadrants
  • Operation with a brake chopper
  • Operation with vector control
Product: Frequency Converter Drives Training System
Product Code: EDT 25

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