DC Machines Training System
Shunt-wound Machine – Series-wound Machine – Compound-wound Machine

DC machines continue to form the foundation for training in the area of electrical machines. They are used to clearly and concisely demonstrate the potential of open-loop and closed-loop control techniques.

Power Classes Available: 0.3 & 1 kW

Other Available Training Resources:
Training Concepts:

Motor Operation:
  • Motor connection
  • Comparing various machine types
  • Typical machine ratings and characteristics
  • Speed control with starter and field regulator
  • Reversing rotation direction

Generator Operation:
  • Generator connection
  • Armature voltage as a function of exciter current
  • Function and use of the field regulator
  • Self-excited and separately excited voltage control
  • Load diagrams of the generator
Product: DC Machines Training System
Product Code: EEM 2

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