3-phase Squirrel-cage Induction Motor Training System
Three-phase motors with squirrel-cage rotors are the most frequently used motors in industry. These motors are not only both robust as well as maintenance-free but are also inexpensive to produce. The motors can be found in low-power versions in the watt ranges up to and including power levels of several megawatts. Thanks to the use of modern frequency converters, these motors can operate virtually loss-free at varied speeds enabling ever-more application areas to be found for them.

Power Classes Available: 0.3 & 1 kW

Other Available Training Resources:
Training Concepts:
  • Connecting, wiring and putting into operation
  • Operation in star and delta connection configuration
  • Deployment of a star-delta switch
  • Recording speed and torque characteristics
  • Operation with various load machines such as ventilators, hoisting machinery
Product: 3-phase Squirrel-cage Induction Motor Training System
Product Code: EEM 4.1

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