Radar Trainer
The radar training system is designed for the training of technicians, engineers and other users in the fields of air traffic control, coastguard monitoring, road traffic control, safety and other related areas.

The key component of the training system is a radar base station using a rotating beam antenna. Echoes of ultrasonic pulses are digitalised and transmitted to a computer via a wireless interface so that targets can be displayed on the computer monitor in real time. The secondary radar transponder system supports Mode A (identification) and Mode C (altitude).

The Interactive Course conveys the fundamentals of radar, right up to the use of the latest technology, combining both theory and practical exercises.
Training Concepts:
  • Basic principle of radar: comparison between pulse radar and ultrasonic radar
  • Reflection and transmission at boundaries: characteristic impedance to sound, characteristic wave impedance, waves in a medium, reflection methods in conjunction with various materials
  • Radar equation: RCS, CFAR
  • Types of radar systems: pulse radar, continuous wave (CW) radar, frequency modulated continuous wave (FMCW) radar
  • Secondary radar: squawking, squawk response
Product: Radar Trainer
Product Code: CO3538-6A

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