Lighting and Appliance Circuits
The Lighting and Appliance Circuits wiring installation training system illustrates the planning, installation and testing of common wiring circuits in a complete building. This involves emulating the wiring for the building as a whole. The meshing of theory and practice aspects means that this module ideally meets the demands on vocational teaching caused by the changes in the electrical professions. The software can activate genuine faults that are typical in authentic practice, such as short circuits, wiring faults like short circuits, faulty earth wires, weak points in the insulation and faulty appliances, all of which need to be identified and rectified by the students.
Training Concepts:
  • Planning of the wiring of an apartment
  • Research and preparation for meetings with customers
  • Investigating the cost-efficiency of various circuits
  • Preparing lists of materials
  • Calculation of contract estimates for the whole contract or parts of it
  • Signing of contracts and execution of wiring work
  • Initial testing of an electrical system
  • Handover and instruction of customers in the electrical systems installed
  • Installation of various applications
  • Protective measures against electric shock
  • Testing of residual current protective devices (RCDs)
  • Lightning and excess voltage protection
  • Measurements conforming to standards
  • Documentation, handover and test report, customer instruction
Product: Lighting and Appliance Circuits
Product Code: EGT 2

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