Set of Appliance Simulators for a Measuring Exercises
All electrical equipment in public and commercial buildings is subject to constant inspection. The required regular testing, along with any testing subsequent to repairs or modifications to electrical appliances is stipulated in standards and guidelines. Only electrically trained personnel may undertake such tests. A high degree of technical knowledge is required for this. Terminology such as protection class, protective earth and insulation measurement all need to be known, as do their permitted limits in the standards. Knowing how to handle the appropriate measuring equipment makes it easier for users to evaluate the electrical appliances themselves. A built-in fault simulator allows for tests to be made on the appliance simulators in various operating states.
Training Concepts:
  • Legal fundamentals
  • Test sequences
  • Adapting measurements for appliances of protection classes I, II, III
  • Selection of suitable testing and measuring instruments
  • Reading data from rating plates
  • Carrying out various measurements
  • Preparing test reports
  • Evaluating measurements according to the standard
  • Systematic troubleshooting of appliances
Product: Set of Appliance Simulators for a Measuring Exercises
Product Code: ESM 6

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