RCD Protection
The RCD board illustrates the design and operating principle of various RCDs (residual current protective devices) and how they should best be connected together. The RCD board is used to teach the following contents: RCDs in various systems, measuring and evaluation of tripping values (time, leakage current), effect on the tripping value of changing the resistance (Rloop, RE), differences between RCDs of type A and type B, tripping values for RCDs of type B, investigation of selectivity in RCDs connected in series, measurement of leakage current for AC leakage currents, pulsating DC currents and pure DC currents.
Training Concepts:
  • Design and function of various earth leakage circuit breakers (ELCBs/RCDs)
  • Use of RCDs in various mains systems
  • Selecting the correct RCDs for the usage in question
  • Design of a selective, hierarchical leakage protection circuit
  • RCDs used for additional protection
  • Use of type-B RCDs in classrooms
  • Use of type-A or type-B RCDs for various types of fault current
  • Measurement and evaluation of various tripping criteria for alternating and direct current
Product: RCD Protection
Product Code: ESM 5

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