Mains Systems and Protective Measures
The topic of Protection against coming into the contact with high voltages is important for all those whose career involves the manufacture, operation or repair of electrical equipment, especially for trainees in the electrical professions.

This training system provides ideal assistance in both theoretical and practical lessons teaching how protective measures conforming to the standards are implemented for the existing types of mains circuit. The direct link with authentic practice is one of the key aspects for this training systems. Measurements in the various exercises are made using genuine, commonly used equipment.
Training Concepts:
  • Various mains systems used in customer installations
  • Choice of various protective components and how they work in different mains systems
  • Various protective systems and how to test them with the appropriate measuring equipment
  • Measurement of loop impedance, local insulation impedance and insulation resistance
  • Carrying out initial and subsequent tests
  • Testing RCDs
  • Dangers of electric current
  • Advice and instruction to people regarding hazards of electrical systems
  • Evaluation of measurements and targeted fault finding
  • Preparing documentation and test reports
  • Continuity of equipotential binding conductors
Product: Mains Systems and Protective Measures
Product Code: ESM 3

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