Smart Metering
Acquisition and registration of consumption variables and measurement values including their evaluation and processing is becoming increasingly important. This is not only on account of rising electricity costs but also the ever greater demand for assessment and monitoring options via a decentralised reader station. In conjunction with the digital data transmission it becomes possible for both operators and consumers to implement easy and economical solutions for modern energy and load management.

The smart metering system collects data from M bus meters and stores them locally in a device database. It incorporates compact and web-based stand- alone equipment for consumer management in M bus networks. They can acquire, save, visualise and analyse consumption data from up to 16 electricity, gas and/or water meters. Any additional M-Bus meters or M-Bus pulse adapters can be manually configured and added to the system.
Training Concepts:
  • Commissioning M bus devices
  • Management and reading of various electricity, gas and water meters
  • Energy-dependent inclusion of electric transport equipment (requires additional equipment)
  • Setting up a load management system
  • Combination of energy management with renewable energy generation (requires additional equipment)
Product: Smart Metering
Product Code: EIT 14

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