VP2D – Semi Immersive 2D Version

VirtualPaint continues to be a leader in the field of simulation spray paint training. In the past, training painters exclusively involved costly, time consuming and labour intensive in-booth training.

VirtualPaint provides realistic, hands-on painter training which can be conducted in a classroom or workshop, or just about anywhere. The system allows the user to view and interact with real spray application equipment, while simulating the actual application process. Visual and statistical results create immediate assessment and feedback to help trainees improve their spray painting technique.

Improve spray technique, save money and time, reduce risks and environmental impact and increase student engagement with VirtualPaint –available in 2D semi-immersive and 3D fully-immersive (augmented reality) versions.

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How It Works:

The VP2D version functions by a user operating an industrial spray gun (modified with tracking technology) to apply virtual paint on parts displayed on a large TV screen. The VirtualPaint software provides an immediate analysis of the painter’s performance and provides feedback on a range of aspects including; spray pattern distribution, film thickness, transfer efficiency, overspray, wastage and more.

The system allows instructors to capture and report on student performance over time and develop lesson plans as well as customise coatings for use in practice or lesson scenarios.

The highly awarded VirtualPaint is used by educational institutions and industry around the world including; TAFE & Technical Colleges, High Schools, Trade Organisations, Industrial Paint Operations, Coatings Manufacturers, Military Paint Operations and Collision Repair Operators. Importantly the system can be used to train painters at all levels – from those with no experience to those working to perfect advanced techniques.
Product: VP2D – Semi Immersive 2D Version
Product Code: VP2D

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