Matrix LED Headlights & OLED Rear Lights Trainer
This training system offers a practical and target group-oriented introduction to the topic of modern lighting technology. Equipped with two real LED matrix headlights as well as two OLED rear lights, the trainee can understand the structure and function of a modern lighting system in a simple and easy-to-understand way. These lighting elements are connected to a central control interface that enables complete control and operation by the trainee or teacher. In addition to various connections, the interface also accommodates CAN and LIN bus communication, an original light switch, an ignition switch and a mode switch for special light functions.
Training Concepts:
  • Basics of measurement technology
  • Development of lighting systems
  • Conventional lighting systems without bus system
  • Conventional lighting systems with CAN bus
  • Vehicle networking
  • Matrix LED headlamps, design and function
  • OLED rear lights, design and function
  • Performance of matrix headlamps
  • Performance at OLED rear lights
  • Adaptive cut-off line
  • LIN bus in conventional lighting systems
  • Networking of matrix headlamps and OLED rear lamps
  • Functional requirements for switching on matrix and OLED tail lights
  • Measurement on the CAN bus
  • Diagnosis on the CAN bus
  • Measurement on the LIN bus
  • Diagnosis at the LIN bus
  • Diagnosis at matrix headlights
  • Diagnosis on OLED rear lights
  • Emergency functions of matrix headlamps
  • Emergency function of OLED tail lights
  • Reading and sending CAN signals from the CAN bus
  • Control individual matrix LEDs in the matrix headlamp
  • Control 5 light signatures of the OLED rear lights individually by sending messages independently
  • Independent programming of switching between wipe flashing and "hard" flashing according to data matrix
  • Automatic sequence of different light scenarios
  • Automatic high beam on change of speed
  • Automatic switching off of Matrix LEDs in case of oncoming traffic 
  • Independent programming of matrix LEDs for oncoming traffic and oncoming traffic according to data matrix
  • Independent programming of switching elements according to data matrix
Product: Matrix LED Headlights & OLED Rear Lights Trainer
Product Code: CO3223-2X

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