Toyota Prius Hybrid Trainer
Fully operational petrol/electric hybrid trainer manufactured using original automotive components. The Hybrid trainer is based upon a MK III Toyota Prius. This comes complete with HV System, Petrol engine, Cooling, Exhaust, Ignition, Start, Fully operation CVT transmission and diagnostic functionality.

The regeneration of the high voltage system can be observed during a driving cycle. This is displayed by the energy monitor in the center of the instrument panel. In conjunction with the petrol engine typically, a 2NZ-FE, the operation of the Hybrid system along with the petrol engine can seen on the energy monitor. With the hybrid trainer in drive observations can be made of the Hybrid trainer operating in electric mode, with the petrol engine engaged and the regeneration of the Hybrid system.

As there is a potential for the petrol engine to engage at any time when the Hybrid trainer is in ready mode, an additional flashing beacon has been fitted to alert everyone near the Hybrid trainer of a possible engine start. Ready mode is also displayed on the instrument panel as per the original vehicle application.

Main Technical Specifications:
  • Typically 2NZ-FE 4 CYL Petrol engine.
  • Fitted with manufacturers 16 pin diagnostic socket.
  • Includes 12 V Faults Insertion Box (12 Faults).
  • Includes High Voltage Faults Insertion 2 Boxes (2 + 2 Faults, Lockable).
  • HV FWD transaxle with MG1, MG2.
  • Power split planetary gear.
  • Motor speed reduction planetary gear.
  • Counter gear.
  • Troichoid gear pump.
  • Shift piston sensor.
  • Fully working CVT Transmission, complete with drive shafts, hubs, brakes and wheels.
  • Regeneration of HV system can be observed during ‘off throttle’ in a drive cycle.
  • Active ready light beacon, flashes when in ready mode to warn of a potential engine start at anytime.
  • Petrol engine/Hybrid electric system, mounted on a self-contained powder coated frame, complete with castors.
  • Supplied with fault insertion, engine control, hybrid control and HV system.
  • HV battery can be observed through a protective clear makrolon guard case.
  • Inverter/converter painted orange to compliment the orange HV cables.
  • Rotating parts fully protected.

Other Specifications:
  • Power Supply Voltages: 12V DC auxiliary battery, 220V DC HV battery & 600V DC inverter.
  • Dimensions (W x L x H): 2100 x 2100 x 1500 mm
  • Weight: 750 kg
Product: Toyota Prius Hybrid Trainer
Product Code: HYB-001

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