Air Conditioning and Electric Drive in HV Vehicles Trainer
This training system provides a unique opportunity to understand how an A/C system is integrated into a HV vehicle. Including a fully operational high voltage A/C system that allows students to perform actual diagnostic and service tasks. Also, included is a fully operational hybrid drive and system overview.
Training Concepts:
  • Implementing safety regulations for electrical and air-conditioning system
  • Diagnosing malfunctions in the high-voltage and air conditioning systems with the help of manufacturer documentation and diagnostic equipment
  • Working with circuit diagrams and understanding interactions in the system on the basis of circuit diagrams and function plans
  • Isolating intrinsically safe high-voltage systems
  • Maintaining air-conditioning systems
  • Regulations and fundamentals for high-voltage and air-conditioning system
  • Isolating high-voltage systems
  • Safety regulations for electrical equipment and air-conditioning system
  • Environmental protection
  • Servicing Work
  • Diagnostics
  • Investigation of components by measurement
Product: Air Conditioning and Electric Drive in HV Vehicles Trainer
Product Code: CO3221-6P

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