Dual Zone Climatronic Trainer
Fully operational dual zone climate control trainer manufactured using original components. The components arrangement is the same as in the donor vehicle. The connections of all functionally relevant sensors and actuators and the control units and components of the cooling circuit are original compounds, such as in the vehicle. This allows for work to be performed using original manufacturer's documentation and schematics. Most of the original components are a easily accessible or exposed. Using the OBD interface common workshops diagnostic systems can be connected. This allows access to all control units fitted and guarantees options such as basic settings of actuators, actuator diagnosis and the reading of measurement value blocks.
Features and Technical Specifications:

  • Fully functional 2-zone Climatronic, original components, specially prepared for training purposes.
  • Aluminium frame profile on castors with extra-large table top, control panels, OBD connector.
  • Pressure gauges for the high and low pressure side to illustrate the pressures under different load conditions.
  • Additional connections for use by maintenance stations: vacuuming, cleaning, evacuation and filling of the system with refrigerant R134a.
  • Powered Air Compressor, speed controlled by frequency converters, 3.6 kW 400 V three-phase motor.
  • Onboard power supply (Regulated 12 volt 40 amp power supply).
  • Emission-free motor for the operation in classrooms (if required).
  • Includes: Fault Insertion Module (10 faults, lockable).
  • Includes: Pin-out facility on all sensors and actuators (4mm sockets in the colours of the original circuit diagram).
  • Includes: ECU breakout box (Allows diagnosis by single separating signals / components. In addition transitional and load resistor or short circuit).

  • Webasto Thermo Top auxiliary heater with accessories.
  • VCDS Diagnostic Tool.

Technical Specifications:
  • Power Supply: 400V AC, 20 A
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 1600 x 930 x 1660 mm
  • Weight: 145 kg
Product: Dual Zone Climatronic Trainer
Product Code: DZCT-001

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