Fundamentals of Automotive Electronics EloTrain Course (2 mm)
Together with the multimedia experimentation and training system, the EloTrain 2 mm plug-in system provides a modern and efficient environment for sound training in the fundamentals of electrical engineering and electronics. Students are guided through the experiments by means of clearly structured course software including texts, graphics, animations and knowledge tests. The experiments are tailored especially to automotive applications to facilitate an understanding of this complex subject and are conducted on a 2 mm experimenter developed specially for the UniTrain. A wide range of virtual instruments are available for real-time measurements by students.
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Training Concepts:
  • Circuit assembly with a 2-mm plug-in system
  • Current, voltage and resistance
  • Ohm‘s law, resistor circuits
  • Voltage divider, potentiometer, bridge circuits
  • Variable resistors, capacitors and coils
  • Typical automotive applications
Product: Fundamentals of Automotive Electronics EloTrain Course (2 mm)
Product Code: CO4206-1J

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