UPDATE: Calling All Parents and Teachers to KIOSC’s National Science Week Event

National Science Week is held each August to celebrate science, technology and the contributions of Australian scientists to the world of STEM. Some 1,000 events are held around the country at various universities, schools, museums and science centres. These events attract a wide audience from children to adults, and science amateurs to professionals. Over one million people participate in science events across the nation.

As part of the festivities, Training Systems Australia was pleased to partner with the Knox Innovation, Opportunity and Sustainability Centre (KIOSC) in two events; a “Careers in Science & Technology” Open Day for students and a “Careers in Science & Technology” information evening for parents.

During the day, more than 200 students had the opportunity to see first-hand how local and global businesses in the fields of health and medicine, environment and nature, innovation and technology, energy and transport make a difference to the world we live in. They each got to see demonstrations and have some hands-on fun in the KIOSC Pavilion.

Many students found the Baxter Manufacturing Robot to be particularly engaging and had lots of fun “teaching” it to pick and place blocks of various colours and sizes. Baxter was designed by Adelaide born roboticist and robotics entrepreneur Rodney Brooks who now lives in Boston USA and is the founder of Rethink Robotics.

The Linkbots also proved to be a hit with many students fascinated by the simplicity with which they could control each unit and in turn understand key STEM concepts.

In the evening, over 100 parents and teachers attended an information session at the KIOSC pavilion. It was great to talk directly with so many engaged and supportive adults, and to hear NSW Guest Scientist Siouxsie Wiles speak about the natural world and the power of the scientific method to aid our understanding of it. Siouxsie has made a career of combining her twin passions of bioluminescence and infectious diseases, and currently heads the Bioluminescent Superbugs Group at the University of Auckland.

Again, Training Systems Australia was please to exhibit some of the products in our range chat with parents about the ways they can support their children to pursue careers in STEM.

National Science Week was a fantastic opportunity to engage with the young scientists of tomorrow. Overall the event was very well received by students, teachers and parents alike and we look forward to commencing planning for next year!

For more information on Baxter or Linkbots please call Pullman Academic on +613 95577993.

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