“Switched on” @ Challenger Institute of Technology, Western Australia

Challenger Institute of Technology (“Challenger”) recently opened its Building Technology Centre in Rockingham, WA. Apart from being situated in a beautiful part of the world, the Centre itself has been designed as a high-tech training hub, equipped with the latest learning technologies in a range of related vocational trades. As part of the project, Challenger turned to Training Systems Australia to supply it with high-tech training equipment in the areas of:
  • Electrical Wiring Installation
  • Building Automation and
  • Telecommunications.

Given the demand for skilled technicians in these areas, Challenger is poised to serve local students and industry exceptionally well. The training systems Challenger have incorporated and the learning environment they have created will greatly assist in preparing students for what they will experience in industry. From a training systems perspective, each provides for realistic practical activities up to advanced troubleshooting and fault finding levels, while being purpose-built for education and therefore highly safe for use in this environment.

Working with Challenger’s Electro Technology team and building on the work we had already undertaken with Lucas-Nülle, we further added to the systems in line with AS/NZ3000. In fact, one of our favourite parts of this project (other than working with a great team of people at Challenger) was the further development of the Electrical Wiring Installation panel – we liked it so much, we’ve put one in our showroom!

The panel depicts a typical two bedroom dwelling with the range of different wiring connections you would expect to find both inside and outside your standard home. Incorporating AS/NZ3000 colour coding, Clipsal GPOs, RCBs, MCBs and iSWs and more… the panel is the perfect training resource to develop strong technical and practical understandings and can be easily used in both self-paced or lockstep teaching environments .

Mr Brad Eccles, Program Manager Electrical, Plumbing, Gasfitting and Locksmithing at Challenger said “Challenger is using the house wiring panel to good effect by blending it into their classroom based delivery. As the panel is on wheels, the wiring of switches, switchboards, lighting and plug circuits can be demonstrated as the theory component is being delivered. This has been seen to aid in the retention of knowledge by the student, who is then “let loose” on the same panels in a workshop environment.”

Eccles went on to explain that “[Challenger] are trying different ways to engage the students fully in the classroom environment and bringing the “workshop” into the classroom has been of great benefit. [Challenger] will continue to experiment with different delivery styles, while utilising the panels to their best effect”.

All the systems were supplied with Interactive Lab Assistant software, a multimedia guide that assists students and teachers to navigate their way through a range of practical activities. In terms of the Electrical Wiring Installation panel, this includes planning installation wiring projects, costing the projects and completing the projects. The built-in fault simulation, which teachers can easily introduce at the click of a button, tests students’ diagnostic skills and the set of appliance fault simulators, which plug into the GPOs, further enhances trouble-shooting activities.

It was great to see during our on-site training how in no time at all Challenger’s teachers were up and running with these systems and ready to expand and challenge their students’ learning and development. No doubt a bunch of “bright sparks” coming out of the West for years to come!

Want to see the Electrical Wiring Installation panel in action – why not come in to our Melbourne showroom for a coffee and demonstration? Alternatively, call us on (03) 9557 7993 to organise a web demonstration or to see when we will next be nearby and we’ll come and visit.

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