Product Focus: SCADA for Power Engineering in Smart Grid

By Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) we mean the real-time monitoring, control and data acquisition of technical processes. In electrical power engineering, SCADA is used to cover everything from power generation and transmission up to and including security and power usage.

SCADA permits the visualisation and modification of process data. Measurement values are displayed on the screen in real-time. Control signals can be adjusted during the process. The SCADA system can also perform process control automatically. Thanks to the fact that many measurement values are recorded, future planning and economic optimization are possible.

The system can also be remotely controlled via the Internet or also using local area networks (LAN).

SCADA for Power Engineering is a software designed to control and monitor power engineering systems. In the software, the system measurement values and operating data can be displayed on existing measuring instruments in real-time. Important parameters and signals can also be controlled via the software.

The measurement values and operating states of the equipment can be selected, recorded and displayed over time. Evaluation and export are also possible.

The main components of SCADA for Power Engineering in Smart Grid are:

  • SCADA Designer
  • SCADA Viewer
  • SCADA Remote Control

    Smart Grid Cyber Security

    SCADA Net
  • SCADA Remote Client / Server
  • SCADA OPC Client
  • SCADA OPC NET Server
  • Cyber Security
  • Other Supported Protocols

  • SCADA Tools
  • SCADA Logger
  • SCADA Panel Designer

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