Product Focus: New approach to a Cutaway

With this mechanical model of a TSI engine, you can offer your trainees the unique opportunity to observe an entire engine in detail.

The exploded model of an authentic engine offers a number of benefits over and above a conventional cutaway model. For example, you get the whole engine, with not one component omitted by being in the cutaway part. Also a cutaway model leaves many components still hidden, since they are not revealed by the cut. This exploded model is different since it allows access to many components which would otherwise not be visible from outside. Since this engine is purely for observational purposes, there is no danger from fluids, hot surfaces or rotating components.

The modular structure means it is possible to quickly and easily dismantle specific component groups, which allows for focussed analysis of individual elements of the module (e.g. the intake manifold complete with the EGR cooler).

In conjunction with our direct fuel injection training system (see link below), you get the perfect combination between interactive, practice-based experiments and the chance to view a genuine engine.

CarTrain Direct Fuel Injection System with Turbocharger

For example, this makes it much easier to understand the path taken by the fresh air entering the intake along with all the various sensors involved.

For more information please contact David Birnbaum at Training Systems Australia on +61 3 9557 7993.

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