Product Focus: LOGO! 8 Compact Control Training System

No sooner is the latest LOGO! version from Siemens available and Lucas-Nülle has a control technology training system up and running equipped for compact control using LOGO! 8.

Unlike its predecessors, the LOGO! 8 has not only become even smaller but also carries an even greater punch with more power and a better display. This means we can pack even more functionality into just a small space.

The training systems provide a range of options from the Basic board for self-assembly to ones including the DM8 and the analogue output AM2 module.  All LOGO! 8 training boards are equipped with switches/pushbuttons and 4-mm safety sockets on the input side.  There are also two additional adjustable 0 – 10 V voltage sources available for the analogue inputs.  The outputs are wired to 4-mm safety sockets.  Lucas-Nülle application models, like the conveyor belt or other models can easily be connected up for expanded learning outcomes.  Programming is carried out via the IP interface using the LOGO!-Soft 8 Comfort software.

With LOGO! 8, we are seeing the successful Siemens logic module being launched into the next generation.  The new module practically fulfils every dream with simplified handling, a new display and totally new communication features via Ethernet.  This also makes the web server application extremely simple.  Remote wireless communication using a communications module rounds off the spectrum of new features available when working with LOGO!

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