Product Focus: Controlling energy from Microgrids

The new training system of Lucas-Nülle conveys the features of Microgrids in a realistic way.  Like real Microgrids, it can be used as a stand-alone system for experiments, but it can also be integrated into Lucas-Nülle’s smart grid environment.

Like so many of Lucas-Nülle’s training panels you are able to expand your existing Lucas-Nülle Power Engineering training panels to cover this topic, or built onto your lab with an additional bench to  incorporate into your delivery. 

A stand-alone power network is a type of power supply network which is closed and has no active lines coupling it to other parts of the electrical power supply grid.  A stand-alone network is markedly smaller than a combined electricity grid and does not usually incorporate high-voltage power lines.  For this type of network there are two distinct modes of operation, stand-alone mode and isolated parallel or generator-to-generator operation. 

When this stand-alone network is connected to a smart grid, it is referred to as a microgrid.  This type of grid has three different operating modes: on-grid, off-grid and dual mode. A microgrid features the following benefits:

  • Transmission and transformer losses are reduced
  • More independence from major power suppliers
  • Smart grid act as a back-up system
  • Intelligently controlled power supply and consumption thanks to SCADA
  • Power generation using renewable energy sources
  • Optimising the quality, reliability and sustainability of electricity
  • Microgrids will be playing a huge role in the smart grids of tomorrow.

The Lucas-Nülle Microgrid training system incorporates original components for practical experiments. This system now allows trainees and students to get to know all the microgrid’s parameters and loads as well as the factors influencing it.  “Microgrids offer many advantages, but consumption and production have to match,” says Jörg Ludwig, product manager for power engineering at Lucas-Nülle. “Creating and monitoring these conditions requires qualified people who have mastery of the grid.”

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