Product Focus: The CarTrain Electromobility – Hybrid & Electric Vehicle Training at its Finest

The development and production of hybrid-driven vehicles is a logical and necessary step in a push towards global sustainability. Reduced emissions and low fuel consumption are minimum standards by which vehicle manufacturers are constantly being assessed. This, coupled with the rapid pace of change in automotive technologies (high voltage (HV) systems, lightweight materials, network systems and the evolution of diagnostic and repair methodologies to name but a few) require the modern automotive technician to have a far greater understanding of many concepts and practices traditionally reserved for those in electro technology fields.

Terms like High Voltage Safety, Fuel Cells, AC/DC Motors, Photovoltaic and High Voltage Energy Storage are becoming increasingly common in the Automotive industry and today’s students need to be equipped with the skills to work safely and effectively on these types of vehicles.

The “CarTrain Electromobility" from Lucas-Nülle is designed for demonstrating, investigating, measurement taking and trouble-shooting on vehicles with hybrid, electric and fuel-cell drives under a range of driving conditions. The training system combines multiple drive configurations including the corresponding workshop methods and procedures needed for determining off-voltage. The system offers practical work safety training in connection with high voltage systems and the integrated colour display maps the respective energy flows in combination with the drive configurations and driving conditions. The display itself is based on existing systems already in operation in the automotive industry.

Click here for a video on the CarTrain Electromobility.

Daniel Brown, Manager of the Lucas-Nülle Training Academy and former TAFESA automotive teacher explains that “trade schools and training centres from all over the world including, Europe, China, North and South America, Africa and Australia are using the CarTrain Electromobility system to allow students to develop the skills needed to service and diagnose electric vehicles. The CarTrain gives students a deep understanding of how the systems operate and while the system uses real electric vehicle voltages and drive technique, unlike a real electric vehicle, it has been specifically designed to be completely safe for any level of student to work with. The students also use the real workshop safety and diagnostic equipment such as HV gloves, voltage and insulation testers to create an environment like in the workshop which allows the student to build confidence and safe work practices before they have to work on the real vehicles”.

The system is supported by interactive e-learning material designed to engage students and make using the equipment easy. The interactive multimedia courses provide guidance to the experiments and investigations to be conducted on the system and include a combination of theory, experimental procedures, evaluation & review mechanisms together with fault simulation. This, coupled with animations, graphics and images to explain the theory and experiment set-ups, makes the software a very powerful training tool. Some of the training concepts on the Electromobility system are:

  • Deactivation and securing against reactivation
  • Smart grid and Vehicle to grid
  • Drive concepts, configurations and variants
  • Energy flows in HV vehicles
  • Onboard power supply of HV vehicles
  • Practical, hands-on procedures in the repair shop
  • Design and function of electrical machines
  • Vehicle safety, Work safety practices & Electrical Hazards
  • Asynchronous & Synchronous machines and EMC
  • Broad array of electrical measurements
  • Fault finding and diagnostic training
  • and much more….

The Electromobility panel is an excellent way for students to develop and apply their practical and diagnostic skills in a safe environment. Like all things Lucas-Nülle, the panel is complemented by UniTrain-I courses in the areas of Hybrid Vehicles and associated technologies for those wanting to develop their underpinning skills and knowledge prior to undertaking practical work on the CarTrain system. These courses make an excellent addition for those institutes already using the UniTrain-I system, or are a good way to start your new Blending Learning laboratory and workshop.

For further information about the CarTrain and UniTrain-I systems, please call Training Systems Australia on
+613 9557 7993.

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