“Powering Ahead” at South Western Sydney Institute – Electrical Power Engineering Lab

Electrical Power Engineering is a highly topical issue and having a skilled workforce, capable of understanding, working with and advancing the technologies in this area is critical. Our recent installation of a Lucas-Nülle Electrical Power Engineering lab at TAFE NSW - South Western Sydney Institute (SWSi) puts SWSi at the forefront of educating in this field.

It was excitement all round at SWSi’s Granville College when Training Systems Australia recently installed a new Power Engineering Laboratory, covering Power Generation, Transmission, Distribution, Utilisation and Safety Protection.

Eager onlookers, by way of teachers and students, watched as our technical team assembled the state-of-the-art equipment that will be used by SWSi for industry and student training. TAFE NSW – South Western Sydney Institute’s Electrotechnology, ICT and Design Faculty Director, Sylvia Arthur said “that the newly acquired equipment will transform her TAFE Institute into a virtual powerhouse for industry training”.

“TAFE SWSi’s new electrical power simulator will equip teachers and students with the technology and training opportunities needed to support Australia’s vital power generation industry.”

Located at a brand new premise at TAFE SWSi’s Granville College, the system which was especially configured in line with AS/NZ3000 requirements, allows teachers the opportunity to demonstrate and easily convey the complex concepts and practices of power engineering up to students at highly advanced levels, in a practical, realistic and safe environment.

The systems, which are exceptionally versatile and configured on several easy-to-move training benches, comprise of series of modular panels. These panels are easily interchanged to set up particular experiments or focus on specific training needs. Teachers are also able to focus on the network as a whole, or use individual panels to focus on specific areas of training such as generator control and manually-operated or automatic synchronisation circuits.

Teachers from SWSi, including Head Teacher, David Lee, took part in training on the systems which was conducted by members of the technical and product management teams of Training Systems Australia and Lucas-Nülle. With the inclusion of SCADA software to design, control and monitor systems, SWSi has a comprehensive training solution for the Energy market and the flexibility to consider further expansion of their systems into the areas of Renewable Energies Power Generation, Smart Grid Energy Management and more.

Click here to see the Electrical Power Engineering lab in action.

Training Systems Australia’s General Manager, David Birnbaum, said it is fantastic to see Institute’s like SWSi embracing technology and offering their customers, be them students or industry, the opportunity to learn and be engaged on world-class training systems.

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