LMS Integration of Lucas-Nülle Systems Improves Efficiency & Effectiveness

The Lucas-Nülle line of training systems is highly regarded for many reasons; the combination of theory and hands-on practice, the commitment to innovation and industry-relevance and its premier quality, to name but a few, makes it a leader in the field.

But, in addition to these benefits, it has been the ease with which the learning content can be seamlessly integrated into many commonly-used Learning Management Systems (LMS), such as Moodle, that has excited clients and added to student engagement (on and off campus) together with improving Institute efficiencies.

Having the interactive Courses and Lab Guides loaded natively in the LMS means students can be easily, and often automatically, given access to the units for their particular studies as they are enrolled. This content can be reviewed anywhere, anytime, they have access to the Institute’s LMS.

Experiments guides, theory, animations, practical questions and quizzes work neatly together with the experiment hardware so that students can learn and apply their knowledge to facilitate better learning outcomes.

Then, depending on the Institute’s preference, automatic assessment of many questions means students can undertake independent review and learning and/or be assessed with their grades recorded. In all instances it provides a clear and concise audit trail of time spent and results achieved.

The range and associated content covers a broad set of skills and technologies, including:

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