Hybrid and Electric Vehicles Training Resources – From Fundamentals to Advanced

Hybrid and electric vehicles constitute one of the most innovative and trail-blazing sectors of automotive technology. Research developments have advanced to the point where the market breakthrough for electrically powered vehicles is inevitable in the very near future. Politicians and vehicle manufacturers have seen the signs and regular media headlines from around the globe indicate petrol and diesel vehicles have a limited life.

This opens up the need for technicians specifically trained in this new and challenging technology. Given the potential risks associated with EVs, it is particularly important, for this training to be delivered by reputable, qualified institutions in a safe manner.

Lucas-Nülle’s range of Hybrid & Electric Vehicle training resources offer practical activities and courseware to cover the fundamentals to advanced topics of this subject.

The popular Unitrain system offers theory and practical activities so students, at all levels, can safely “learn by doing”. UniTrain Courses have been expanded to cover topics including:
  • Hybrid & All Electric Drives
  • DC/DC Step Up and Step Down
  • Interlock
  • Safe handling of HV Systems
  • HV Battery Disconnect
  • and more…..
Click here for the LN Electric & Hybrid Vehicle Catalogue.

To expand on the practical training, the “Hybrid and All Electric Vehicles” and “Diagnosis and Maintenance of a High Voltage Battery” CarTrains prepare technicians with advanced Skill Sets to competently perform work and troubleshooting on these vehicles.

See the CarTrain - Hybrid and All Electric Vehicles Technology Trainer here.

This wide range of Hybrid and Electric Vehicle training equipment will compliment your existing training systems and provide your automotive training with increased learning capabilities.

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