Everton Park State High School Installs Hydraulics Trainer as Part of STEM Program

Improving the STEM skills of our Country’s students is of critical importance and is receiving much attention, but having the resources to effectively teach, in a way that inspires modern students, can sometimes present a challenge.

Everton Park State High School in Queensland is doing a brilliant job in this regard and providing its students with excellent foundations for their future careers with its STEM program. As part of the program, Everton Park has incorporated several of our world-leading resources, including the Hydraulics Trainer, to help students learn and engage in STEM technologies.

Hydraulics is a key technology found in many areas of engineering - from providing the power to control aircrafts, to operating heavy dump trucks, excavators and the brakes in our cars, as well as powering lifts in buildings and much, much more.

The Hydraulics Trainer from LJ Create is part of a range of STEM Technology Trainers that can be used as either a stand-alone teaching resource, or combined with the
e-learning curriculum presentations and software simulation. This enables teachers to easily explain technical concepts and engage whole classes at a time.

Specifically designed for education, the system, which incorporates real hydraulic components, provides practical, real-world problem solving activities with contextual linkages to Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.

Mr Phil Reid, Head of Department for Technology Education, Physical Education and VET at Everton Park said “we purchased the Hydraulics trainer as an integral resource to support quality student learning in our newly established Year 9 and 10 STEM program. Students thoroughly enjoy working with the trainer as well as the excellent supporting digital curriculum resources. Student engagement and motivation has increased and students are now better placed to understand and appreciate the theoretical and practical application of hydraulics by engaging with this high quality teaching and learning resource.”

This is the type of feedback we at Pullman Learning Group love to hear! Great work Phil and all the staff at Everton Park State High School!

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