Blended Learning Systems Implemented at both Box Hill Institute and Tonsley TAFE (SIEC)

After careful planning and considerable consultation with key TAFE personnel, Training Systems Australia has completed implementation of the world-leading training equipment and courseware to provide highly effective Blended Learning at two of Australia’s newest and most exciting TAFE campuses in Victoria and South Australia. The equipment covers training in Electro Technologies, Electrical Motors & Drives, Renewable Energies and Refrigeration & Air-Conditioning.

“Box Hill Institute is a leading Victorian vocational and higher education provider known for its collaborative and creative approach to education in Australia and overseas. Box Hill Institute offers a wide variety of courses to both local and international students, from apprenticeships to degrees, short courses to diplomas, and in a range of delivery modes including full time, part time and off campus.

Encouragingly, 93% of Box Hill Institute graduates go on to full time employment or further study within six months of course completion (NCVER, 2012). One of the reasons Box Hill Institute achieves high employability outcomes for graduates is by ensuring students train in modern facilities that simulate real work environments. Combined with industry standard equipment and the latest teaching and learning practices, these simulated industry environments provide graduates an extra advantage when entering the work force, up-skilling qualifications or changing careers.” Training Systems Australia has installed a range of training systems covering electro technologies, refrigeration and electric motors & drives.

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The training equipment is supported by courseware with built-in assessment capabilities and will allow students to work in a self-paced manner. It can also be used by teachers to provide lessons in a manner that engages students and delivers better learning outcomes.

“Tonsley TAFE is a $120 million world leading training hub for the building and construction industry located within the Sustainable Industries Education Centre (SIEC) on the former Mitsubishi site in Adelaide. With 6500 students on campus once established, training at Tonsley TAFE will bring all the trades under one roof where students can collaborate on projects – replicating industry. The new state-of-the-art Tonsley TAFE opened in January 2014 with courses in electrical, electronics and renewable energy, refrigeration and air-conditioning, plumbing and water operations, carpentry and joinery, furnishing, building and civil construction, interior design and drafting, painting and decorating, bricklaying, plastering and tiling.” Training Systems Australia has installed training equipment and courseware covering refrigeration, electric motors & drives and also renewable energies. In addition to the training panels which are used to teach refrigeration theory and provide practical experiments, Training Systems Australia has installed a Cool Room project which requires students to assemble and commission a fully operating cool room. Teachers are being taught how to get the best out of the new training systems and those students who have been exposed to the equipment are enthusiastic and responding positively.

The Blended Learning solutions at both of the above campuses are perfect for addressing the changes taking place in Australia in regard to vocational education. Faced with reduced funding levels and an ever increasing demand “to do more with less” many of Australia’s leading TAFE colleges are working with Training Systems Australia to implement solutions that will deliver better learning outcomes in conjunction with reduced operating costs. For many years now Training Systems Australia’s Managing Director Peter Birnbaum, regularly meets with TAFE Directors to gain an understanding of their college’s particular requirements and to look at how training is currently delivered and how it could be improved. By integrating the best of what the famous German Dual System has to offer with the Australian vocational education system, TAFE is deriving a great deal of benefit from utilizing world-leading training systems customized to meet Australian requirements. Every institute has its own issues and unique requirements and these need to be taken into consideration when developing a comprehensive solution that will meet management’s expectations. Above all else however, is the increased level of student engagement that is evident in those institutes which have installed Blended Learning solutions from Training Systems Australia.

For more information please contact Peter Birnbaum at Training Systems Australia on +61 03 9557 7993.